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As most of you know, I’ve set up DOLLY Scrub Hub to make scrubs for our local NHS staff.


We’ve had an amazing response from people donating funds towards the cost of materials – THANK YOU! – which has enabled us to make loads of much needed scrubs.


But behind the scenes my little business is struggling to survive because I am donating my time to the Scrub Hub for free.


So, in order to keep volunteering my time to the Scrub Hub without going under, I’m calling on my brilliant DOLLY customers to please use my alteration and mending service.

If you’ve used this strange lockdown time to sort through your clothes (as I have), you can bring that pile of ‘clothes that need TLC’ to my studio. I’ll fix them up and return them to you mended or altered and ready to wear again.

I’ve adjusted the drop-off/collection arrangements in line with government guidelines.

Here’s how it works:


1. Fill in the online form below.

2. Bring your freshly laundered, labelled garments to my studio.


3. When they are ready I’ll send you an email you can pay by bank transfer or over the phone prior to collection.


Studio DOLLY, 3 North Court, Lewes –

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.30am - 3pm

Saturday 10.30am - 1.30pm


I appreciate your support more than I can say.



We have a passion for well made clothing that fits you and is enduring, and as an off shoot we offer a bespoke alteration service. We can repair, mend, alter and darn your clothes for you.



Shortening and lengthening

Jeans - £12
Suit trousers - £15 - 18
Skirt/dress - £12 - 15
Skirt/dress with lining - £20 - 30
Coat - £25 - 40
Jacket cuffs - £18 - 28

Replacing zips

(please bring replacement zip)

Trousers - £15
Dresses - £20 - 25
Coat - £25 - 30

Adjusting waistband
Trousers - £15
Skirts - £15 - 20

Patches - £6 - 10
Darning - £6 - 10
Re-lining coats - £60 - 100

Exact price and timings will be confirmed when you bring your item in.

Alterations Form