Make your own reusable, washable cotton face coverings with our DOLLY Face Masks Kit!


Sold as a set of 3 - one to wear, one in the wash, one in the drawer.


The masks come in 4 different sizes:

Adult Large, Adult Small, Child Large (around 7- 11 years) to and Child Small (up to around 7 years)

Mask Kit

Fabric choice

    • Pre-cut fabric for 3 reusable face masks
    • Ties for all 3 masks
    • Printed instructions
    • You’ll find 2 step-by-step video tutorials on for masks with and without filter inserts.


    You will need:


    • A sewing machine + thread


    We’ve chosen a tight weave pure white cotton for the inner facing. For the outer facing cloth, we’ve handpicked a choice of fun, stylish checks, stripes, plains and florals - all from unused post-production end rolls.


    Our commitment to producing these kits sustainably means we occasionally run out of some fabrics before others. If your first choice fabric isn’t available, we’ll swap it for the closest match we have.