Monday   9.30-2.30   Mar 9 or April 27th or June 8th    (dates to be confirmed)  £75

Recreate Your Favourite Top or Dress

  • Monday   9.30-2.30   Mar 9 or April 27th or June 8th  (dates to be confirmed)  £75


    Come along and learn how to make a pattern of your favourite dress or top before it falls to pieces - or even if it already has!

    We'll be deconstructing how it's put together so that you can bring it back to life, remake it over and over again in any fabric you fancy. It might even be better than the original as you learn to tweek it to fit you perfectly.


    Some knowledge of how a garment is put together, how to follow a dress pattern and knowledge of basic pattern cutting is necessary for this workshop.


    What you'll learn:

    • how to trace off from a ready made garment
    • adjusting the balance of your garment 
    • how to make an accurate copy
    • how to use pattern cutting tools and terminology
    • how to adapt and make style variations to your favourite garment
    • how to make a paper pattern and a toile


    3 people max.

    Participants get 10% of all DOLLY Dress Patterns for the duration of the course.