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Our alteration service works in person and by post.


  • Fill in the online form below or we'll fill it in together if you're dropping off in person.

  • Bring or post* your clean, laundered clothes to the DOLLY Studio.

  • I’ll let you know when it’s ready for collection or post it right back to you!


*if you're posting your alteration to us please put BY POST in the description box. Buy your £5 Postal Voucher HERE for the return postage. Once we've received your garment we'll get in touch to chat through your mend or adjustment and make payment. Return postage is £5.


We are passionate about helping you keep your clothes in circulation and everyone who joins our DOLLY community is a Fashion Revolutionary for that very reason! Thank you!

For tons more info, inspiration, FAQs and approx. pricelist scroll past the form ...


If you're a customer submitting a request please leave IN STORE ONLY fields blank.

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Thanks for submitting your alteration!

FAQs and a little bit about what to expect...​

The DOLLY Repair Team

The seamsters at DOLLY are literally seamSTARS! Very accomplished from tons of experience and as well as training. We are dedicated to giving you the highest standard of sewing when you bring your loved clothes to us for mending and altering.

The Nitty Gritty

With that in mind I enjoy talking with each and every customer about their garment needs and desires. During consultation we endeavour to be as clear as we can about how your mend or alteration will look. Sometimes however, once unpicked, a garment doesn’t always do what we’d like it to! You can trust us to make our best professional decision in these instances.

We will only do the work that has been discussed so please be sure to point out everything you’d like us to do and any other issues will be returned awaiting your further instruction.


Mending is a Badge of Honour!

Remember that mending your clothes is a badge of honour to your commitment to your clothing so please ask us about bespoke visible mending. 

Why does my alteration cost more than the garment I hear you say!... Almost everyday!


Well as a seamster I am fully aware of the skill and time it takes to put a garment together and ALL garments are handmade. We charge the living wage for our work but unfortunately the person who made your garment may working in an unethical environment earning poor wages in unsafe working conditions. I am on a mission to raise awareness of the human cost of fast fashion and to honour every seamster I can with the respect, appreciation and financial reward they deserve as highly skilled, hardworking human beings​


Shortening and lengthening

Jeans - £22
Suit trousers - £28
Skirt/dress - from £30
Skirt/dress with lining - from £44
Coat - from £50
Jacket cuffs with vent - from £45


Jeans inside leg seam - from £28

Suit trousers both seams -from £45

Replacing zips 
(price does not include zip)

Trousers - £26
Dresses - from £28
Coat - from £45

Adjusting waist

Trousers - from £25
Skirts - from £35



Patches - from £15 per patch
Darning - from £8 per hole


Re-lining coats
(price does not include fabric)

Coat - from £80

Exact price and timings will be confirmed when you bring your item in.

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