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DOLLY is a collective of creative professionals who come together to put on sustainable fashion events.




Let's join forces to create an event! Click here to download our PDF, then get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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Thrift Fashion Show - Depot Cinema, Lewes


The Depot Thrift Fashion Show was a buzz of colour and vitality. Modelled by Depot staff, our pre-loved catwalk outfits came to life on the runway, showing off the versatility of charity shop finds. The Depot team bonded over this once-in-a-lifetime experience, while their audience learned how to be part of the fashion revolution.

"Thank you and huge congratulations on a brilliantly successful event." Depot Cinema, Lewes

Thrift Fashion Show - for Newhaven Festival

We kicked off Newhaven's annual arts & culture festival with a Thrift Fashion Show at the much-loved Hillcrest Centre. Our models were local heroes of all shapes and sizes who fully embraced the process and lit up the runway with their unique energy.  Newhaven's charity shops generously supported our mission to showcase a sustainable fashion future built on self-expression and individual style.

"It was absolutely flipping brilliant!" Fiona (Newhaven resident) 

Clothes Swaps, Talks, Installations, Flash-Mobs and More!

Besides our famous thrift fashion shows, Dolly offers many other events, each one designed to inspire teamwork, raise awareness, tackle climate change, promote body-positivity and empower everyone in the room. If you'd like to host an event like this or collaborate on something completely new, let's talk!

"I loved every bit of it, especially joining in and making new friends along the way" Pinky

Dazzling event posters designed by Emma Carlow and Chris Arran