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Diana Uprichard is the founder of DOLLY Sustainable Clothing Hub. An experienced designer, seamstress and teacher, Diana believes there’s a wealth of power in a tiny needle and thread.


From the DOLLY studio in central Lewes, Diana designs and sells her zero-waste cut-out and ready-to-sew clothing Kits. She also provides a thriving bespoke alteration and mending service and runs sewing classes.


We have a passion for well-made clothing that fits you and is enduring, and as an

off-shoot we offer a bespoke alteration service.


We can repair, mend, alter and darn your clothes for you so that you can love them for longer.



We are a Sustainable Clothing Hub which means we like to get together. So all our kits are classes as well.

Come and join us and we’ll help you on your sewing journey. Whether you're a complete beginner, would love to make a kit but need some hand-holding or simply want to hang out with others after all this time.


I’ll also show you how to tinker, adapt and put your personal touch on your DOLLY Kit.

I make it  You make it  We make it together

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fabric swap poster 23 web.jpg

The Great DOLLY Fabric Swap at DEPOT

Sunday 23rd April


Tickets £7


In the Studio room at Depot

Drop off your swaps in the Studio at 10-12am same day


To celebrate Fashion Revolution Week and mark Earth Day we are exploring the impact of the clothes we wear, and focusing on the production of textiles that feed the fast fashion industry and the huge part that plays in our climate crisis.


The documentary film Fashion Reimagined – screening just before the swap – highlights the environmental impact of textile manufacturing. Spoiler, it’s shocking! Most conventional textiles are produced by underpaid, overworked people in unsafe environments. Highly toxic chemicals are required to produce textiles from crop to production before the cloth even becomes clothes. Not to mention the water that is used in the production process.


Staggeringly only 1% of textiles are recycled back to textiles at the moment due to blended fibres, technical limitations and economic barriers.


Watch the film and then be the change by joining The Great DOLLY Fabric Swap!


What is a fabric swap?


If you’re like me, you’ve got unused fabric stashed away under the bed, in the garage, the loft, back of the wardrobe. You’ve got off-cuts from sewing projects, long lengths of fabric and the odd metre of special fabric you fell in love with but didn’t make up. And if you’re really like me, you’ll have a similar stash of wool and trimmings.


Time to pull them out and have some fun at The Great DOLLY Fabric Swap. It’s exactly like a clothes swap but we are swapping fabric, yarn, trimmings and everything else we might use to make our own clothes instead of readymade garments.


How does it work?


  • Gather up any unused fabrics, yarns, trimmings and patterns

  • Drop them off at The Studio from 10-12am same day or bring them with you at 4pm

  • Buy a ticket HERE or at the door, we charge a set fee of £7

  • Take home any fabric you promise to use, love and keep in circulation


Whilst the fashion industry play catchup with the landfill crisis and as there is enough textiles in existence already to make all your own clothes let’s use up what we’ve got and enjoy the ride!

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