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  • This is the perfect kit for total beginners, great for kids and kidults alike.


    It's the perfect starting point with nothing but straight lines to stitch ... and some corners! You can use your creativity to adjust the stitched lines to suit your tools as this will work with pencils, pens, scissors, crochet hooks, screw drivers! ... the choice is yours!


    The DOLLY Tool Roll kit makes a fantastic gift for the creative sparks in your life. Simple to make and so useful.


    Use the step-by-step video tutorial to make this at home or come along to the DOLLY studio and we'll make it together.

    Tool Roll Kit

      • Pre-cut fabric pieces using upcycled cloth precisely cut and notched so each pattern piece fits together perfectly.
      • All the extras, for example, buttons, zips, fasteners.
      • Printed instructions– bulletpoint sewing guide with useful hints & tips.

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