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    This skirt has an elasticated waistband so it’s really comfy and between the small, medium and large this skirt will fit EVERYONE. I wear mine slightly low waisted with a little T-shirt but you could synch it in high waisted and chuck a sweatshirt on. The choice, of course, is all yours.


    It’s called ‘utility’ because it’s simple, versatile and very wearable, and because I made my one out of some fabric in my mum’s stash that was old lab coat fabric. Proper workwear!


    The 3 pleats take the fullness out to make a flattering, flouncy yet formal little skirt.


    You can make this dress with me at the studio, at home using my how-to video (link) or buy it readymade. See, I told you it was versatile!

    Utility Skirt Class

    • 4 hours duration.

      Class price is per person.

      Simply contact me to arrange the date for your Sewing Party!

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