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Why kits? Why now?

This is the first time we’ve offered kits. We’ve always sold our DOLLY garments, patterns and sewing classes but it wasn’t until we started the DOLLY Scrub Hub that we truly saw the magic of the pre-cut garment kit.

It’s worked amazingly well for our team of 250+ home sewers who have made over 3000 sets of scrubs for NHS workers fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. The energy around this project has been electrifying. Our volunteer army of sewers have found enrichment and empowerment through sewing, which is how I feel every day when I make clothes and teach sewing.

Now I’m sitting in my little studio wondering what’s going to happen next and I feel a Luke Skywalker moment … use the force Di!


Our kits work because we have an unbelievably talented pattern cutter in the DOLLY team, Kirsty Tyler, and her patterns are faultless. We buy end of rolls (that’s leftover fabric destined for landfill) from local wholesalers, then our cutter machine cuts the kit fabric millimeter perfect, with notches and drill holes to guide your way through making them up.

And finally, I’ve realized a childhood ambition to be on the telly and now make how-to videos that I’ve been told are really helpful!

We’ve started with the Apron Dress of course, our signature dress. But have so much in the pipeline I hardly know where to turn next.

So whether your machine is still warm from scrubs production or you need a helping hand to get back into sewing or have simply have just enough time to sew for a treaty afternoon…

Grab yourself a kit, unwrap it to reveal everything you need pre-cut and pre-marked up. Fire up your sewing machine and find yours truly on your handiest tech device to hold your virtual hand whilst you experience the joy of sewing and making your own clothes.

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