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Happy World Ocean Day!

Last night The Great British Sewing Bee was celebrating West African fashion and textiles!

It was a joy to watch. Utter celebration of colour, culture and couture from West Africa. I prioritised an African blocked printed dress in my mending pile (that I was lucky enough to find at our last the Clothes Swap!) Did the necessary tweaking and wore it today!

Thank you Sewing Bee!

Then this morning I woke up to World Ocean Day celebrating the blue stuff that connects us all. Yay!

THEN it's in the news that Ghana has become one of fast fashion’s dumping grounds. In fact, Korle Lagoon in the capital city of Accra is one of the most polluted water bodies on Earth! Not such a happy World Ocean Day!

Ghana imports 15 million items of secondhand clothing each week known locally as ‘dead white man’s clothes’. What they can’t sell - because there’s just too much - ends up in landfill sites that spill over into Ghana's waterways.

How do I feel now?

Even MORE determined to interrupt fast fashion’s over- production crisis. One stitch at a time!!!

If you’d like to join me it's as easy as 1,2,3!

Here’s how:

1.Learn To Sew with us

2.Make your own clothes with our Kits

3.Make the most of our alteration and mending service.

Let’s keep our clothes to ourselves!

Di xx

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