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  • Diana Uprichard

How about The Great LEWES Sewing Bee!

The Great British Sewing Bee is BACK!

In the last 10 years since The Great British Sewing Bee started sewing machine sales have risen by 400%! Haberdasheries, repair shops and clothes swaps - including mine! THANK YOU for your support! - have been popping up all over the place.

Basically, we are thinking about our clothes in a very different way! Making them, mendng them, keeping them and loving them!

By engaging in sewing and, of course, The Great British Sewing Bee, we can appreciate what goes into making a garment. It’s a total workout and massage for our self expression, individuality, pride, creativity, technical expertise, decision making, stickability and

in short, mental well-being

Sewing is so GOOD for you!

And it’s good for the planet! By making our own clothes we are doing our bit to interrupt fast fashion's global mass production and consumption crisis.

So join us at DOLLY! Together we can mend and make:

  • Take one of our pre-cut, ready to sew Kits and jump straight into the joy of sewing your very own garment.

  • Come to a one to one for a ‘tailored to you’ session.

  • Get together and learn to mend at Monthly Mending Workshop.

Let’s enjoy our very own The Great LEWES Sewing Bee!

Di xx


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