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  • Diana Uprichard, founder of DOLLY CLOTHING

The isewlation blog

It’s been around a week since my business ground to a halt and it’s interesting to see what remains in my heart about my work.

I’m finding a few a silver linings: I finally have the time to use up all my fabric to create some new pieces for my clothing collection and realise some ideas that have been in my head for months now.

I also realise that I want to bring another layer of creativity into my work. As a former illustrator and graphic designer, there’s a dormant printmaker in me who’s crying out for attention. However, I’m finding myself skirting around getting creative. Well, you have to tidy up first, right?!

Silver lining number two: My proper sort out has unearthed tons of unfinished projects I now desperately want to finish and share with you as tutorials.

I’ve found all my children’s little homemade clothes that I’ve kept (because I made them of course) … another hilarious thing I want to share with you, especially now my children are in their late teens!

Incidentally, I’m wearing the same outfit I’ve had on for 5 days now…

So, you see, I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes – one of my favourite subjects – and why we wear them, make them, mend them, and most importantly LOVE them.

Yes, I have, of course, been through my own wardrobe and had a massive re jig. I’ve asked myself, What do I love just the way it is? (back in the wardrobe it goes). What did I never really love or feel good in? (leave in a pile to re-home or change into something I DO love). What is simply worn out or a bit broken and needs some sewing love? (fold it up tenderly and place near my sewing table for a time such as this when I can sit guilt-free and mend my clothes).

And whilst I’m been mending I feel the need, the teacher in me just cannot be quelled, to show you what I’m doing. So, I’ve set up my little phone tripod and rather amateurishly pressed play whilst I talk through it. Enjoy and have a laugh on me! There’ll be plenty more coming your way over the next few weeks. Silver lining number 3!!

Oh, and there goes the MONEY alert in my brain reminding me I no longer have an income and surely I can’t just have fun and not earn anything. Lightbulb!! I now have loads of new stock and the time to put it up on my website, as well as old stock form the DOLLY Clothing Collection that is as timeless and beautiful as ever.

So, in an attempt to raise some money to help my family through these lean times I’ve uploaded photos of my new collection (same styles, different colours, plus a couple of new things) onto my website for you to buy. It’s all bespoke handmade clothing using post-production cloth. Forgive the plug but needs must.

Oh, and if you feel like lining up a sewing class to do on ‘the other side’ then you can buy a voucher from me now (which would help massively with cashflow) and we’ll both have something to look forward to when classes are up and running again.

Thank you!

Diana xx

P.S. Just as I was starting to readjust DOLLY to the new normal I’ve been asked to make urgently needed medical scrubs. I have to say, it’s given me a sense of purpose and it feels great to be doing something to help NHS workers. Get in touch if you’re an experienced seamster and would like to join in.

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